Dominic McGregor co-founder and COO of The Social Chain

An award winning social first marketing agency and social media publishing house with offices in London, Manchester, Berlin and New York.

My Story

In 2013, I was a student at Edinburgh University.

Whilst studying, I often found myself obsessed with Twitter, and one day I ran out of toilet paper - a common student problem.

Faced with this familiar tale of student life, I decided to tweet about it, creating a Twitter page called ‘Student Problems’.

After rapidly growing the page to the biggest student community on social media, Steven Bartlett reached out to me about potentially working together.

I met him shortly after in a Revolution bar (another staple of student life), I dropped out and we began working together on a startup idea called Wallpark - an online noticeboard for students.

Through marketing Wallpark, we created a number of social media communities, similar to Student Problems, and ended up with millions of young people at our fingertips - and Social Chain was born.

In 2014, we secured investment for our idea of building Social Chain, a network of social media communities with millions of followers across platforms, and set about building the team and working with the world’s biggest brands.

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