Dominic McGregor

Co-founder and COO of The Social Chain
My Story

In 2013, I was a student at Edinburgh University.

Whilst studying, I often found myself obsessed with Twitter, and one day I ran out of toilet paper - a common student problem.

Faced with this familiar tale of student life, I decided to tweet about it, creating a Twitter page called ‘Student Problems’.

After rapidly growing the page to the biggest student community on social media, Steven Bartlett reached out to me about potentially working together.

I met him shortly after in a Revolution bar (another staple of student life), I dropped out and we began working together on a startup idea called Wallpark - an online noticeboard for students.

Through marketing Wallpark, we created a number of social media communities, similar to Student Problems, and ended up with millions of young people at our fingertips - and Social Chain was born.

In 2014, we secured investment for our idea of building Social Chain, a network of social media communities with millions of followers across platforms, and set about building the team and working with the world’s biggest brands.

Reaching yearly group revenues of near €200m and a successful IPO, Social Chain was an industry-blazing success, advising the likes of Coca-Cola, Twitch, Uber, Superdry, Amazon and Veet amongst many others.

Throughout my time building Social Chain, I’ve been an advocate for mental health and young people, speaking globally and being invited to give a TED talk to share my story on sobriety.


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