“I’m Never Drinking Again”

An insightful account into how changing your relationship with alcohol can change your life

In I’m Never Drinking Again: How to stop drinking so much and change your relationship with alcohol, successful entrepreneur, investor, and mental health advocate Dominic McGregor, candidly reveals his personal story with alcohol addiction after a whirlwind of business success in his late teens 

Dominic, now seven years sober, explains how changing your relationship with alcohol can transform every aspect of your life. In the book, you’ll explore the role alcohol plays in our society and how dangerous it can be when mixed with poor emotional wellbeing and challenges in life. You’ll also discover the advantages of questioning your relationship with alcohol, whether sobriety or moderating alcohol can lead to success, and how, if unmanaged, alcohol can take over your life.

The author explains:

  • How to manage mental health problems, addictions to alcohol and other drugs, burnout, and other harmful phenomena associated with success
  • How exploring a “sober-curious” lifestyle can aid success
  • How your life can be positively impacted by questioning your relationship with alcohol

Dominic also interrogates how ingrained drinking is in our society and what we can do to change this for the better. From tackling stereotypes around sobriety being boring to examining how peer pressure and party cultures has normalized unhealthy behaviors. “I’m never drinking again” questions how we’ve gotten to this point and what we can do to rectify it.

I’m Never Drinking Again will prove invaluable for anyone who is “sober-curious’ ‘ and wishes to understand the effect alcohol may play in their lives. Whether you are battling addiction, questioning your relationship with alcohol, or just intrigued by the prospect of challenging yourself to go alcohol free, I’m Never Drinking Again will empower you to strive for a better lifestyle.

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‘I saw firsthand how Dominic transformed his relationship with alcohol. This enabled him to become the best version of himself and inspired him to achieve his personal and business goals.’
– Steven Bartlett, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Investor, Author and the host of the UK’s No.1 Podcast ‘The Diary of a CEO’

‘Dom opens people’s eyes to show them that what’s holding their life back might be hiding at the bottom of their glass…’
– Chris Williamson – Modern Wisdom

‘Like any drug, if not taken in moderation, alcohol is a poison and impacts every part of your system. Dominic McGregor saw this clearly on his own journey to change his relationship with alcohol, and interweaves his own personal challenges with practical advice and wisdom.’
– Professor Steve Peters, Consultant Psychiatrist and Bestselling Author of The Chimp Paradox